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Harnessing Winter

A combination of cross-country skiing and dogsledding, skijoring—a name derived from the Norwegian word skikjøring, meaning “ski driving”—involves a person on skis being pulled behind a dog (or dogs), for recreation or competitive racing. The skier wears a skijoring belt connected to the dog via a line, while the dog wears a pulling-specific harness. The dog is motivated to run solely by responding to the skier’s voice commands. 

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Bridges to Michigan’s Past

If your interest in covered bridges dates back to the 1995 film “The Bridges of Madison County” with Clint Eastwood and Meryl Streep, you’re not alone! It was shortly after seeing that romantic drama that I began researching Michigan’s historic covered bridges – of which just few still exist. Over the past 12 months or so, I made a point to visit a couple of these bridges that I had yet to see for myself (in person). It renewed my interest in these beautifully rustic structures and I am reworking my presentation of the same name to add to my portfolio and am even looking at publishing a book in the future with The History Press.

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