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Dirt to Glass Conference scheduled for August 22-23, 2024 in Traverse City, Michigan

Michigan State University AgBioResearch, in partnership with Michigan State University Extension and Intentional Agriculture, is excited to unveil the third edition of the annual Michigan Grape and Wine Conference, Dirt to Glass™ 2024. Scheduled for August 22-23, 2024, in Traverse City, Michigan, this two-day event is poised to set a new benchmark in viticulture and winemaking, showcasing the highest international standards.

Crafted by a planning committee consisting of industry leaders, academics, and extension specialists, Dirt to Glass™ 2024 is designed for grape growers and wine producers throughout Michigan and neighboring states. The conference offers cutting-edge, practical information and tools aimed at advancing their expertise and keeping them abreast of industry trends.

The primary objective of Dirt to Glass™ 2024 is to foster an innovative community of growers and producers from across Michigan, providing them with world-class education in viticulture and winemaking. Attendees will gain exclusive access to a distinguished lineup of speakers from around the globe, sharing insights on sustainability, soil health, vineyard management, winemaking practices, and more. In its third iteration, Dirt to Glass™ sets a new standard in programming, promising an unprecedented level of content.

“We are thrilled for this third year’s conference,” says Dr. Paolo Sabbatini, co-founder of Dirt to Glass™ and professor of viticulture at Michigan State University. “Our goal is to bring together growers and experts from across the globe to enhance the grape production and quality of Michigan wines. By connecting our local growers with international standards, we hope to take Michigan’s viticulture and winemaking to new heights.”

The conference includes a guided wine tasting, providing participants with a highly technical experience to deepen their understanding of the sensory aspects of wine influenced by environmental and cultivation factors. Led by a panel of expert tasters with extensive market experience, attendees will learn to identify the impact of soil, climate, and vineyard practices on wine, gaining insights into winemaking decisions driven by grape conditions at harvest.

“Dirt to Glass™ was founded with the express purpose of elevating the Michigan grape and wine industry by encouraging higher quality wine made from Michigan-grown grapes thus increasing global recognition,” says Amanda Danielson, advanced sommelier, and co-founder of Dirt to Glass™. “We hope to inspire growers and producers by exposing the quality potential of Michigan and resulting income to ensure economic sustainability for Michigan grape growers of any size.”

Dr. Ron Bates, director of MSU Extension’s agriculture and agribusiness programs, who attended the event in 2022 and 2023, says, “The focus and quality of Dirt to Glass™ support the mission of MSU Extension to advance agriculture through applied research. By bringing together academics at the forefront of viticultural research with industry leaders achieving practical success in the field, we can address the specific needs of this fast-growing contributor to the Michigan economy.”

For more information and to register, please visit the Dirt to Glass™ website: