Dean Templeton was a lot of things. Above all, he was a character with a colorful yet often dark past.

Born in Flint, Michigan in 1921 to Ralph and Myrtle Templeton (the second of five children), Dean’s childhood was riddled with neglect, abuse, mental anguish and broken hearts. As an adult, he became consumed with the idea of running for President of the United States and began a cross-country, hitchhiking campaign which landed him in Washington state in 1975. It was there, Dean’s bid and his life abruptly ended at the hands of an assassin. Today, more than 45 years later, Dean’s murder remains unsolved.

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Exploring Marquette Area’s “Anatomy of a Murder” Book / Movie Trail

During the 1950s, soldiers camped out in the meadow and woods to the west of the [Big Bay Point] lighthouse while undergoing anti-aircraft artillery training. On the cliff, east of the lighthouse, they installed large guns used for target shooting over Lake Superior.

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