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Remembering 2018: A Year of Travel

What a year it has been! Right off the bat I crossed of “visiting the Upper Peninsula in winter” off my travel bucket list when we rang in the blustery cold New Year in downtown Marquette. It would be the first of seven trips to the UP throughout the year: snowmobiling and yurt camping in March; lighthouse touring, book research and a paranormal conference all in August; a beer fest and to volunteering for Michigan Cares for Tourism in Copper Harbor on the Keweenaw Peninsula in September.

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20 Years in the Making, Kalamazoo Author Releases Nocturnes— an Eternal and Haunting Love Story that Spans Years & Continents

Do you believe in eternal love? Is there an experience available to the human species that might prove that love truly is eternal? What if you lost someone 50 years ago, or even 500 years ago, and your grief was still as fresh as the day it happened? Could the longevity of grief be a clue to the infinite nature of love?

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