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A Spirit Runs Through It

Michigan’s earliest residents lived off the land, drawing their sustenance from the woods, waters, fields and farms to nourish themselves. Iron Fish Distillery, located in the rural community of Thompsonville is digging back into those agricultural roots to craft artisan spirits inspired by the natural landscape.

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Grand Traverse Distillery Receives 8 Medals at National Spirits Competition

Grand Traverse Distillery was awarded eight (8) individual medals at the American Distilling Institute’s 11th Annual Spirits Competition, held as part of its annual conference in Baltimore, Maryland earlier this month.

Recognized as one of the 2013 “Michigan 50 Companies to Watch” In 2013, GTD currently operates five tasting rooms in Michigan – including two in Traverse City, one in downtown Frankenmuth; one in Leland; and one in Grand Rapids (with a new location, scheduled to open in September, 2017).

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