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C.S. Lewis Festival Celebrates Author’s Imagination (October & November, 2016 – Petoskey, Michigan)

The 2016 C.S. Lewis Festival will explore the imagination that created Narnia. Taking place during October and November in the Petoskey, Michigan area on Little Traverse Bay, events including music and theater performances, school and library programs, scholarly lectures, community discussion groups, and more. Several national speakers will be featured, including Jerry Root, Mark Neal and Phil Jamieson.

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C.S. Lewis Festival – Petoskey, Michigan to Explore Author’s Experiences and Philosophies of War

British author C.S. Lewis served in the armed forces in World War I and wrote some of his well-known works during and shortly after World War II. This year, the C.S. Lewis Festival explores Lewis’ thoughts on war as well as how war affected Lewis’ beliefs and writings.

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