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Author & Educator Valerie Hemingway to Lead 3rd Annual Walloon Lake Writer’s Retreat

The quaint northern Michigan village of Walloon Lake provides an idyllic backdrop for writers to discover and hone their skills and the 3rd Annual Walloon Lake Writer’s Retreat (April 18-21, 2024) offers an inspiring, intimate and collaborative setting for those seeking stimulation and ideas for their literary works. This year’s special guest moderator is Valerie Hemingway, author of the 2005 memoir Running with the Bulls: My Years with the Hemingways.

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An evolution of writing

I’ve been writing professionally (meaning getting paid) since I was in high school. From news articles to magazine features stories, I have hundreds of pieces with my byline. In 2019, I’ll add a book–titled “Michigan’s Haunted Lighthouses”–to my portfolio. Research and writing continues, and I want to hear YOUR stories if you have any to share about your ghostly encounters at any of Michigan’s historic beacons.

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