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Schuler’s Restaurant & Pub Hosts Oyster Tasting

They say oysters are at their best when served in months with “R” in the name—so Schuler’s Restaurant & Pub in historic downtown Marshall is celebrating with an Oyster Tasting on Sunday, September 27 from 2-6 pm.

Members of the Ann Arbor Oyster Society (yes, there really is such a thing—formed by Dr. Robert Kerry in 2006 with nearly 80 “meetings” since) will be on hand to answer questions, offer tasting tips and share insights into these saltwater bivalve mollusks.

For example, did you know there are over a hundred varieties of oysters, but all of these hail from only five species? Or, that edible oysters don’t make pearls? Or, that oysters are actually good for you because they’re loaded with zinc which makes you feel good by keeping up your energy, building your immune system, reducing acne, eliminating rashes and making bones stronger? Oh, and of course the “rumor” that oysters are an aphrodisiac.

A variety of East Coast oysters, such as Blue Point, Maryland and Delaware (based on seasonal availability), will be available for $15.99 per half dozen.

You’re invited to enjoy a savory afternoon of sampling these delicacies, paired with sparkling wine, Crooked Tree IPA from nearby Dark Horse Brewing, a dirty martini, gin gimlet or even a Hemingway daiquiri—if you’re feeling adventurous.

Reservations for the Oyster Tasting are required by calling (269) 781-0600. The full dinner and pub menus will be available throughout the afternoon and evening as well.

Founded in 1909, the iconic Schuler’s Restaurant & Pub epitomizes hospitality excellence as a family owned and operated business. Located in downtown historic Marshall, Schuler’s is recognized as world-class Michigan destination focused on offering guests quality food and excellent service, in a warm and welcoming atmosphere.