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New Holland Brewing’s Legacy Zoomer Beer Returns in Seasonal Variety Pack

New Holland Brewing is proud to announce the return of one of its popular legacy beers in a 12-can Spring/Summer Variety Pack. Zoomer, an American wheat ale (4.7aBV) first introduced in 2000, is among four beers featured along with Lightpoint, Hazy River, Tangerine Space Machine.

“As Michigan’s largest independent brewer, we recognize that we’re only here because of our local community and their amazing support,” says Brett VanderKamp, New Holland Brewing’s Founder and CEO. “We see daily requests for some of the beers from our 25-year history, and Zoomer is always at the top of that list. It has not been released in package for over 10 years, so we’re thrilled to see it back on the shelves this summer.”

Boasting a flavorful blend of wheat bread, bitter orange peel and light citrus hops, Zoomer is crisp, easy-drinking and clean summer beer. As one of a dozen or so beers released to the market in the first 10 years of New Holland’s operation, Zoomer is one of the company’s most popular legacy beers. While the brewery’s innovation team brews throwback and legacy beers regularly for their brewpubs, it has been several years since they have dug back into the archive for a market release.

“We’ve seen a lot of brewers focus on trends, stunts and experimental beers for the last five years, and we’ve brewed our fair share of those as well,” notes Brand Manager Justin Rito. “Innovation is what drives any industry, but we’re also seeing a lot of folks returning to simple flavors and beer brewed with drinkability as goal number one. We feel like we’ve got the production and industry experience to lead that movement back toward quality, balanced beers and Zoomer is a perfect example of that effort.”

New Holland’s Spring/Summer Variety Pack is available now at retail outlets throughout Michigan as well as the Great Lakes states of Illinois, Indiana, Ohio and Wisconsin.

About New Holland Brewing & Spirits

Opening its first brewpub in Holland, Michigan in 1997, New Holland Brewing set a mission to improve the quality of people’s lives by creating savored moments. By creating quality beer, spirits, and food, New Holland works to gather people around a common table where memories can be made, and connections can be strengthened. Still headquartered in Holland, New Holland Brewing and Spirits is now Michigan’s largest independent craft brewer in its 26th year and has three brewpubs and two spirits tasting rooms in the state.  New Holland expanded its offerings from beer in 2004 when they first began distilling spirits and now goes to market through three distinct brand portfolios: Dragon’s Milk, New Holland and Lake Life. The Dragon’s Milk brand features the country’s #1 line of barrel aged beers, a portfolio of bourbon products and barrel aged seltzers. New Holland features a line of beer, ready-to-drink cocktails and high proof spirits. Lake Life features a vodka and vodka spiked seltzers.

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