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Downtown Clare has a new vibe, thanks to a new wave of entrepreneurs

The small farming town of Clare (population around 3,300) is experiencing significant business growth thanks to group of entrepreneurs working collaboratively to enhance the historic downtown district with boutiques, cafés and unique shops. Centrally located in the heart of Michigan’s lower peninsula, Clare sits at the crossroads of US-10 and US-127. In 2016, 51 buildings were collectively listed on the National Register of Historic Places as the Clare Downtown Historic District.

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Equine-assisted Business Launched to Help Organizations and Businesses Strengthen Collaborations

Fred Bueltmann, an entrepreneur, former brewery executive and expert in company culture, has joined with leaders in equine-assisted experiential learning to launch Red Horse Center for Collaborative Leadership. Red Horse is established to serve the mission of strengthening collaborations for the greater good by working with humans and horses, through mindful experiential learning and considerate leadership models to discover and empower positive change in the world.

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