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Food Dance

Kalamazoo, MIFood Dance
401 East Michigan Avenue
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Celebrate Meat Month at Food Dance all March Long! We all love meat! It’s something to share and savor, and here in the Midwest we feel pretty comfortable stating we are in the majority on this one. From the winter stews, roasts and braises to the summer grilled chops, steaks, burgers or ribs the traditional Midwest plate is anchored by meat.

Of course not all meats are equal in flavor, quality or impact.

At Food Dance, the sourcing and rearing of an animal is important, so they only serve meats from sustainably-sourced and humanely-raised animals. What does that mean? That the animals are raised without the use of antibiotics or hormones, and they are raised with room to be, well, animals and not in confinement conditions.

Butchering ClassEating is about flavor, and you will never mistake a pork chop from a humanely raised animal. You would be able to see the difference with rosy pink, marbling from one of Young Earth Farm’s heritage pigs… Then your tastebuds will certainly convince you.

A variety of special menus and events are planned for March Meat Madness, including:

Breakfast Features

>> Steak and Eggs all month on Saturday and Sunday. Grilled Niman Ranch sirloin topped with caramelized onion and bourbon mustard sauce. Served with two eggs, homefries, and choice of toast, muffin, scone or cinnamon roll.

>> Root ‘n’ Fruits on Saturday and Sunday Parsnip and apple puree, crispy Benton’s bacon with over easy eggs topped with our smoked tomato and onion sauce.

>> Corned Beef Hash daily for breakfast starting March 3rd. Housemade corned beef with two farm fresh over easy eggs.

Housemade Breakfast Sausages

>> Spicy Poblano – pork, pork fat, ancho powder, cumin, roasted poblanos and cayenne.

>> Chicken Apple Sausage

SausageLunch Features

>> March’s Burger The Cubano – Two 4oz patties, roasted pork shoulder, house cured coppa, swiss, pickles, mustard on Food Dance ciabatta

>> Featured sandwiches all month to include Grilled Bologna Sandwich with house-made bologna, Meatball Sandwich, Italian Sausage with peppers, and House-made Hot Dogs.

Dinner Features

>> Cowboy Cut Ribeye not sure what the garnishes are yet

>> Kielbasa is back on our meat and cheese board

Stack of MeatDessert Feature

>> Pain Perdu with bacon egg ice cream

Features at the Bar

>> Infused Bacon Bourbon

>> House Smoked Rye Whiskey

For the first time we will offer our house made sausage, cured meats and pate for you to take home from our retail Market. During the second week of March, you will find Coppa, house bacon and Benton ham by pound. For something special to take home, Let us put together a meat and cheese board to share with your friends.



Butchering ClassTechniques – Knife Skills (BOTH CLASSES SOLD OUT)
Thursday March 7 (5-6:30 pm / 7-8:30 pm)

Ever want to chop, dice and slice with ease and the right knife? Join Chef Robb Hammond for this knife skills & techniques class. He will show you how to choose a knife with the best fit for you, best made knives, styles, how to sharpen, how to store and care for your knives as well as basic cutting skills. $35.00 (excluding tax).

Butchering Class
Tuesday March 12 (6-8 pm)

“For years I have flocked to temples of porcine delight. I have paid my respects at Paul Kahn’s “Blackbird” and Rob Levitt’s “the butcher & larder” establishments, I have shared a butchers block with Matt Millar “The Reserve” ~ Chef Robb Hammond.

Food Dance has sourced the best local pork the area has to offer and have butchered over 20 whole hogs. It is a process of getting to know the local terrain and how the breeds will cook, grind and cure. All of this has led to the creation of a charcuterie program which brings back the old world flavor and technique of patience. Terrines, sausages, pate and cured meats are crafted in-house.

Chef Robb Hammond, a member of the Butcher’s Guild, demonstrates butchering techniques with chicken, whole hog, beef and limited hands-on sausage making. $75 (excluding tax).

Sausage Making Class
Wednesday March 20 (6-8 pm)

The saying goes “Laws are like sausages, it is better not to see them being made.” That’s for shifty politicians and big time weiner companies. When working with whole meat pieces, there’s nothing to fear. Chef Robb will teach the techniques of processing, grinding, stuffing, casing, cooking and, of course, eating. $65 (excluding tax)

BBQ PigSwine & Dine Dinner
Wednesday March 27 (6-8 pm)

The culmination of March Meat Madness – a four-course hog dinner unlike any other. A whole hog will be butchered for this dinner – and every bit will be used to create the menu. $50 (excluding tax and gratuity).