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Vasaio Life Spa

Grand Rapids, MIVasaio Life Spa
1100 East Paris Ave SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49546
(616) 942-2966
www.vasaiolifespa.com | Email: concierge@vasaiolifespa.com


With all the craziness of the holidays – the hours spent shopping, wrapping, baking and cleaning – one must simply find time to spend relaxing and rejuvenating. So when an email came through for the Gold, Frankincense & Myrrh holiday packages at Vasaio Life Spa in Grand Rapids, it was like a gift from Santa himself!

Set aside at least three hours to experience these various indulgent services. Upon arrival, guests change into chocolate brown colored robes and are invited to sit and unwind in the lounge area. A trickling waterfall, aromatic candles and soothing music make it easy to slip into a relaxing state of mind.

Vasio LobbyThe treatments start with a 30 minute soothing massage followed by an “Egyptian Frankincense & Myrrh Herbal Wrap.” Soft, steamy linens – soaked in a tea of frankincense, myrrh, French cypress, black spruce, cedar atlas, rosemary, sweet orange peel and other detoxifying herbs – are wrapped tightly around the body in a cocoon fashion. As the wrap pulls toxins from the body, either an aloe lotion foot massage or a scalp massage intensify the experience, and round out the second 30 minutes of the session. (Cost: $120)

Next, a “Gold Leaf Facial” pampers and the botanical anti-oxidants and gold’s natural antibacterial properties reduces the appearance of fine lines and uneven skin tone, replaces crucial moisture and creates a wonderful glow. This 24 karat gold leaf masque is preceded by a luxuriously-hydrating treatment incorporating a calming blend of German chamomile, turmeric, carrot oil and kaolin. (Cost: $130)

Vasio Spa Massage RoomFinally, the session ends with a “Gold Fleck Manicure” – which is truly a treat for the hands. A warm spice paraffin dip, massage and mani, are followed by polish including an 18 karat gold fleck top coat. (Cost: $50).

While each component of the package can be purchase separately, there is a 20% discount for taking advantage of all three – for just $240.

Nestled in the high end Terrazzo Plaza on East Paris Avenue, Vasaio Life Spa boasts a rich interior and offers everything from massages, facials, hair and nail services and even a full array of laser and skin care treatments. Vasaio’s 4500-square-foot spa is perfect for large spa parties of up to 40 individuals at time. We specialize in bridal packages and parties of all sizes – and this holiday experience is something that should be shared!


Mollie StampflerA young lady’s first spa visit…
By Mollie Stampfler (age 20)

When we walked into Vasio Life Spa, it was even more tranquil than I had expected. The rooms were dark, lit by candles only and it put you in a very peaceful mood. The natural ambiance of the mini-rock waterfall, candles and peaceful natural music they were playing relaxed you right away.

The staff was very courteous, showing us around before our services started. I was a bit nervous, since I’ve never gone to the spa before, but they set my mind at ease, making sure I was always comfortable. The massage therapist even used peppermint oil for my back massage, since she knew I had a cold. My neck and back are more relaxed than they have been in years, I have no tension.

Mollie ManicureAfter the gold leaf facial, my skin was absolutely rejuvenated and soft, I could not believe it! I almost fell asleep during the body wrap, where they wrapped you in a warm linen soaked in herbs and oils.

Our last treatment was the nails – where we put our hands into warm wax, which was later peeled off like a glove. I chose a deep plumb colored polish, which was finished off with flecks of 18 karat gold…very pretty and festive for the holidays.

It was definitely a new experience that I just might be hooked on!