The Ghostly Tales of Michigan’s Haunted Lighthouses


“Welcome to the spooky shores of Michigan! Stay alert! Ghosts lurk around every corner. Even the most unexpected places might be haunted by wandering phantoms. Did you know that the former keeper of the Seul Choix Point Lighthouse still keeps his watch, despite having been dead for over a hundred years? Or that a mysterious young girl searches for playmates at the Marquette Island Lighthouse? Can you believe that the poltergeist at Waugoshance Shoal Lighthouse loves to play pranks on visitors? Pulled right from history, these ghostly tales will change the way you see Michigan’s coast, and have you sleeping with the light on!”

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About the Author:
Diane Telgen is a longtime author and editor of reference books, including Defining Moments: The Gilded Age, and holds an MFA in Writing for Children and Young Adults from Vermont College of Fine Arts. Growing up in Michigan, she loved myths and legends about fantastical creatures but was equally fascinated by stories about life long ago. She loved combining both these interests—history and the supernatural—for the Spooky America series. About the author of the adult Haunted America book from which the children’s Spooky America book was adapted: Dianna Stampfler has worked in Michigan’s tourism industry for more than twenty years. In 2004, she launched Promote Michigan, a public relations consulting company specializing in the hospitality, tourism, agriculture, culinary, natural resources, recreation, history and culture industries around her home state. Dianna has penned countless articles for publications such as Pure Michigan Travel Ideas, Michigan Blue Magazine, Michigan Home & Lifestyle Magazine, Women’s Lifestyle, AAA Living, West Michigan Carefree Travel, Lake Michigan Circle Tour & Lighthouse Guide and many others.

ISBN: 9781467198257
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Arcadia Publishing
Date: 5/24/2021
Series: Spooky America
Pages: 105

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